Surrey Minor Awards

We are now accepting nominations for awards! We encourage you to nominate someone for consideration.

If you would like to nominate a player, a coach, or a volunteer, please send an email to with the following information:

1. The name and team name (if possible) of the person being nominated

2. The name of the Award

3. A short description on the reasoning for the nomination

4. Your name and contact information

The deadline for nominations is March 30th. Winners will be announced closer April, stay tuned for more information.

Here is a description of the available awards for nomination.

  1. Volunteer-Of-The-Year:- The volunteer of the year award is presented to individuals who have donated their time and energies for the betterment of the Association as a whole and not specific to their individual team(s).
  1. Hardip Mann Memorial Award:- This award is presented to the individual whose display of the spirit of good citizenship makes them a role model in respect and maintaining a friendly sense of community for everyone involved in the game of hockey.  This award is named after Hardip Mann who was killed in a traffic accident in 2008 while on his way back from a hockey tournament in the Okanagan.
  1. 3M Coaching Recognition Award:- The award is in recognition of the outstanding commitment and contribution to coaching of amateur hockey in Canada. It is presented on behalf of Hockey Canada and 3M Canada. This award recognizes the extremely important role the coach plays in the formation of the moral and lifestyle values as well as the physical capabilities of Canadian Youth and reflects the respect the coach has earned in the community.>
  1. Des Mate Memorial Coach-Of-the-Year Award :- This award is presented in memory of Des Mate, a Coach of Surrey Minor Hockey Association and a volunteer who devoted considerable time and energy for the benefit of children involved in Minor Hockey in this community.  Des Succumbed to cancer while coaching one of our U18 “C” teams.
  1. U7-9 Coach-Of-The-Year :- This award is presented to coaches in the U7-9 program in recognition of outstanding service during the season. There is one award each for U7, U8 and U9
  1. Amandeep Gill Memorial Award:- This award is presented in memory of Amandeep Gill a player on the U11 “C” North Stars who passed away on November 18, 1994 in Surrey. Amandeep loved the game of Hockey and this award is presented in his name to the most dedicated Atom House player.
  1. Chad Ochitwa Memorial Award:- This award is presented in memory of Chad Ochitwa, a player in Surrey Minor Hockey Association, who was killed in a traffic accident at Summerland, BC on December 21, 1992 on his way to a hockey game.The award is presented to the best defenseman in U13 “C” hockey.
  1. Frederick W. Chapman Memorial Award 
    A living legacy to youth award which is presented annually to the player in the U15 Division who exemplifies Heart, Dedication, Respect, Determination and love for the game of hockey. This player must work hard in school and contribute to the spirit of the community in which the player resides.
  1. Jim Lucas Memorial Award.
    This award is on behalf of Mr. Jim Lucas, a long-time fan of U18 Hockey, who strongly believed that players should also become involved in other aspects of Minor Hockey as well as within the community. It is awarded to a U18 player in either “C” or REP Hockey.
  1. Andrew Sondergard Memorial Award
    This award is presented to the Most Valuable Player in U18 AAA in memory of Mr. Andrew Sondergard who enjoyed watching U18 AAA hockey and was always found at the arena even though he had no children involved in the sport.
    It was his desire that the achievement and dedication of U18 AAA players be recognized through this award.
  1. Ronin Sharma Memorial Award
    This award is presented in memory of Ronin Sharma, an SMHA alumni who passed away in a car accident Aug 21, 2021. Ronin was 100% committed every time he hit the ice, loved hockey and was a dressing room joker who knew when it was go time. He was a leader and always respected his coaches, players and the game itself. This award will be selected by coaches of the U15 A1 team to a player who they feel best honors the memory of Ronin

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