Dear Members,

 First, on behalf of our SMHA Executive Council, let me thank the entire membership for your passion, engagement and commitment to our minor hockey association. All our services and efforts are focused to provide a safe environment for all our participants (players, parents, extended families, volunteers, coaches and service providers). While this year ended very abruptly due to the impact of COVID-19, we trust our players, coaches, volunteers and families had a season that was full of great memories.

 Over the last few weeks, we have been closely following the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19. As required, we have also aligned our priorities to counter COVID-19 with those of Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association, BC Hockey and Hockey Canada. Thank you for understanding and following the message from BC Hockey and Hockey Canada (on Thursday, March 12th) that all hockey games, practices, camps, on-ice and off-ice team activities and programs are cancelled. 

 It has become abundantly clear that we need to focus on reducing person-to-person interactions to protect our populations who are vulnerable to the virus. I wanted to pause for a moment to take stock and to let you know what you can expect to see from Surrey Minor Hockey Association in the coming weeks. As such, we are taking the following steps effective immediately: 

  • Jersey Returns: We ask that all Head Coaches retain their team jerseys, placed within team garment bags, until contacted by SMHA
  • SMHA Annual General Meeting and Awards Night: Due to the COVID-19 public meeting restrictions, the SMHA AGM and Awards Night have not been confirmed. All processes and recognition collateral will remain, just the date(s) of the AGM and Awards Night will be determined later. We will be monitoring all official information regarding public meeting restrictions. For event updates, please continue to monitor our Association website.
  • SMHA Elections: All candidates for each position have now been confirmed (Click here for details). Due to the COVID-19 public meeting restrictions, and based on legal advice from SMHA’s legal counsel, the March 31, 2020 Election date has been put on hold until a further date – to be announced. To ensure fairness to those already nominated, no further nominations will be accepted. Only the date that members can safely cast their vote for all non acclaimed positions is suspended for now. The Nominating Committee will be monitoring all official updates regarding public meeting restrictions and will take those updates into account to determine when the next date is set. For event updates, please continue to monitor our Association website.

Registration for next season for existing players is scheduled to kick-off in May and new player registrations in June. Our REP tryouts are scheduled to kick-off in August. Due to COVID-19, these dates may also need to be suspended. For program updates, please continue to monitor our Association website.

Thank you to all of our many volunteers who helped with the teams, association events and programs.

We are disappointed that we need to suspend various SMHA programs and events, but health concerns are of the utmost importance at this time.

As the 2019-2020 hockey season ends and during these difficult times, we ask our members to continue to exercise patience and empathy.

Have a safe and healthy off season.


Harbs Bains
Surrey Minor Hockey Association